Another refinishing project done

I bought this seat for $5 last week at the Salvation Army. It was $10 then they took off 50% so I got it! I decided to use up the rest of my Ikea fabric and refinish it like my vanity seat. Maybe I'll find a home for the pair of seats - who knows!

The photos aren't the best so I'll take better ones later in the week. I think the project was a success! The project cost was definitely under $10 and thankfully it was a pretty straight-forward update for a change!



Here are both completed projects...

I'm glad I was able to finish this project - I wasn't so fortunate with my rocking chair. I picked up paint stripper for my rocking chair on Saturday after helping at the Happy Cat Haven. It's not the fastest and/or easiest process!

I worked on the rocking chair for a bit and got bored so I then sanded and primed the above seat. Today I decided to finish it up instead of re-visiting the rocking chair. I'll have to see how the paint stripper works next weekend - if the paint doesn't come off too easily then I'll consider painting it.

Recent Finds

I've started prepping for Xmas - mainly wine bags right now then I'll move into felt applique Xmas stockings. I'm also making more pillow covers. I picked up this dress for $4 at the Salvation Army this weekend.

It's a nice cotton moo moo that I'll re-engineer into pillow covers. I might actually attempt making zippers next since I haven't done that yet. I found a link to a tutorial that I'll try out. I also have to refine my buttonhole making skills. So much to do, so little time!

Free Stuff

A friend at work donated this necklace - it broke but she thought I could use the beads for one of my projects. There are definitely a couple of snazzy beads in there!


  1. Gorgeous! I love your fabric choice!

  2. Great fabric for the ottomans -- very lively. Hope you'll stop by and see our upholstery ideas. Jane F.

  3. Thanks Lisa & Atticmag... The fabric is definitely fun! Both pieces have lots of personality! :-)

  4. This is adorable! I love the fabric choice! I hope you can join my link party and giveaway going on now! Have a great night! alittleknickknack.blogspot.com

  5. Great job, looks so pretty:))
    Hugs, Biljana