Re-love challenge #3

I found this absolutely funky vintage smock at the Salvation Army today - I've decided it's going to be my re-love challenge #3. This vintage piece was $7 - a bit extravagant for me but I had to get it! I think I'll make some accent pillow covers with it.

Recent Finds

It's been a girlie girl week. The above smock is pretty girlie and decorative, which ties into my finds from the weekend. My fabric from the Happy Cat Haven and then the below from a garage sale. I got this uber kewl book holder - I'm assuming that's what it is since that's how they displayed it - for $1.50.

I also picked up these 4 coasters for $1 - the fourth was broken in one of my klutzy episodes. I might rethink how I use these. Maybe I can hang them on the wall somewhere.

I'm off to do some crafting. I'm excited about the smock I bought today - it'll be fun to re-engineer it then find a new home for the final piece!

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