The plan can always change

Last weekend I put my chairs aside, finished my pillow covers and planned to make another set of pillow covers this weekend. Well the plan has changed. This weekend I want to finish off my black chairs - I'm going with a solid black finish. And I'm going to redo the stapling of the fabric on the seats. I can't help myself! And instead of making another set of pillow covers with the Ikea fabric - I'm going to refinish this seat just like my chairs. Solid black finish with the Ikea fabric for the cushion. The seat was only $3 at the Salvation Army. I've already removed the seat and the fabric plus sanded and primed the wood.

Dad's Wool Pants

This weekend is going to be jam packed with projects - the chairs, the seat and some pillow covers. I'm re-engineering 2 pairs of old wool pants that my Dad doesn't wear anymore. I know I can make something super funky and no one will know the pillow covers used to be wool pants! I got some slack (cheesy pun I know!) from a couple of people at work so I'm out to prove them wrong! I've felted the pants and cut them up. Next I'll start re-jigging them.

Another Kewl Article

I usually check in with the NY Times Style section every so often. They sometimes have FAB photo slideshows and interesting Home & Garden articles. This one is pretty neat - One Man’s Trash. It's somewhat ironic since my buddy Karen and I are going to ReStore in Wilson Creek (inbetween Gibsons and Sechelt) next weekend, which sells new and used building materials. Apparently you can find great stuff there - I want a funky, old slab of wood to sand and stain then place on my metal tray with wheels. Here's a perfect example of what I have in mind - it's a post I came across on decor8: By Nord: Nordic Inspired Interiors. Check out the gorgeous coffee table!

I'm off to do some reupholstering! Tomorrow I'm painting then re-assembling my projects... Then I want to find new homes for them since really I don't need them (we have chairs galore!). I just like the thrill of the hunt and seeing how much you can improve a piece that someone thought was not worth holding onto.

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