I've got pillow love!

My Latest Pillow Set

This weekend has been great for getting stuff done! I volunteered for a couple of hours this Saturday at the Happy Cat Haven sale. While I was there, I scoped out this gorgeous material. I picked up 2 metres for about $0.50! I decided to create a couple of 16" x 16" pillow covers Saturday afternoon and I really, REALLY like them! They definitely cost under $10 for the 2 pillow forms and material. I might make another set - we'll see!

Re-love Challenge #2 Continues

I finished off the second pillow cover for my Re-love Challenge #2. This is the challenge where I re-engineered 2 pairs of wool pants into pillow covers just for the heck of it. I think they look OK - at least they don't look like they were made out pants. Or do they?

Project Update

Since it was sunny out today, I sat on the deck sanding my art deco magazine rack that I bought awhile ago for $7.50. It's going to be a monster project since the scraping off of the finish will take ages. It'll be worth it though! I'm going to remove all of the icky, shiny finish and stain it then add a clear satin finish to it. Exciting!



Now I have to do some 'real' work! ;-)


  1. My goodness woman, you really love pillows!

  2. I do but now I have to purge... The more I get rid of, the more I can make! That's what I really need to do with my furniture projects. Or else we'll have approximately 20 chairs for 2 people... Crazy!