Furniture refinishing dilemmas

I worked on my $5 rocking chair this weekend. I might not be able to work outside too much longer since the cold, wet weather will be arriving soon enough! Last weekend I was able to remove a lot of the paint with a scraper since the paint was all crackly - I think it was left somewhere a bit wet and the paint started to crack. I got most of the horrible brown paint off but was left with an impossible layer of white paint. I got out our heat gun and removed some paint with it but darn it all that white paint is stubborn.

I'm now contemplating the use of chemicals to remove all of the paint. I don't want to but it may be my only option since I want to have an au natural finish for the rocking chair. I also am on the search for old brash screws. I need to replace the screws on the chair and GBS only had crappy silver and brass screws that didn't have the right head on them. Oh the things you find yourself talking about when refinishing furniture is quite hilarious! Anyways next weekend I'll visit Gibsons Fasteners Ltd to see if I can track down some old screws that will be of the same era as my rocking chair.

This weekend was not productive (I had a computer meltdown - my iMac didn't boot up so I spent Thursday night and Friday re-installing EVERYTHING... ugh!) but I managed to finish my pillow covers made out of the $2 skirt I bought a couple of weeks ago. They turned out well. But really at this point I have to get rid of stuff! It's becoming a bit of a crazy house with chairs and pillows galore!



Recent Finds

I found a couple of neat things at the Salvation Army in North Vancouver last week. I'm not sure if this will be the final resting place for this item. It's a wood rack - it's a nice size and holds a lot. I think Paul likes it but we'll see. I thought I could re-engineer it if need be. I paid $10 for it. Thankfully I recently joined a Ride-Share for commuting from North Vancouver to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal so I didn't have to drag this on the bus!

I also got this very kewl teak roll-top box. I gave it to Paul since he's on the search for boxes these days. It needs a bit of sanding then some oil but otherwise it was a FAB find for $5. I love teak - it's all about function and clean design!

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