Furniture refinishing dilemmas

I worked on my $5 rocking chair this weekend. I might not be able to work outside too much longer since the cold, wet weather will be arriving soon enough! Last weekend I was able to remove a lot of the paint with a scraper since the paint was all crackly - I think it was left somewhere a bit wet and the paint started to crack. I got most of the horrible brown paint off but was left with an impossible layer of white paint. I got out our heat gun and removed some paint with it but darn it all that white paint is stubborn.

I'm now contemplating the use of chemicals to remove all of the paint. I don't want to but it may be my only option since I want to have an au natural finish for the rocking chair. I also am on the search for old brash screws. I need to replace the screws on the chair and GBS only had crappy silver and brass screws that didn't have the right head on them. Oh the things you find yourself talking about when refinishing furniture is quite hilarious! Anyways next weekend I'll visit Gibsons Fasteners Ltd to see if I can track down some old screws that will be of the same era as my rocking chair.

This weekend was not productive (I had a computer meltdown - my iMac didn't boot up so I spent Thursday night and Friday re-installing EVERYTHING... ugh!) but I managed to finish my pillow covers made out of the $2 skirt I bought a couple of weeks ago. They turned out well. But really at this point I have to get rid of stuff! It's becoming a bit of a crazy house with chairs and pillows galore!



Recent Finds

I found a couple of neat things at the Salvation Army in North Vancouver last week. I'm not sure if this will be the final resting place for this item. It's a wood rack - it's a nice size and holds a lot. I think Paul likes it but we'll see. I thought I could re-engineer it if need be. I paid $10 for it. Thankfully I recently joined a Ride-Share for commuting from North Vancouver to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal so I didn't have to drag this on the bus!

I also got this very kewl teak roll-top box. I gave it to Paul since he's on the search for boxes these days. It needs a bit of sanding then some oil but otherwise it was a FAB find for $5. I love teak - it's all about function and clean design!


And the projects keep going and going and GOING

This weekend was short and sweet or so it seemed. I volunteered at the Happy Cat Haven then did some thrifting and walked my new to me rocking chair home. One of the churches here had a sale and I picked up this rocking chair for $5. It's a medium sized one so was pretty light. I'm sure I looked a bit nutty since I had a hour half walk ahead of me as I carried my chair home. I ended up sanding for a bit Saturday afternoon so now I have the rocking chair and the art deco magazine rack to finish up in the next while.

I think I'll sand off as much of the paint as I can then either add wood oil or stain then seal it. I want an au natural finish then I can add a funky pillow to the seat and be done.


Other Projects On The Go

After sanding for awhile, I decided to sew up my 14" x 14" pillow covers out of the vintage smock. I picked up a deep pink for the back. Now I think I should sew a 12" x 16" pillow cover to go with the set. Maybe a yellowish fabric. We'll see!



Next I'm going to sew a set of 16" x 16" pillow covers out of this skirt. I bought it at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop for $2 then picked up some dark linen for the back from Fabricland's bargain bin.

Other projects include adding some felt applique to this purse I picked up at the Salvation Army for $2. It's a nice grey wool over the shoulder purse. I don't need it so I'll make it snazzy then pass it on.

Recent Finds

I picked up these buttons at the Thrift Shoppe on North Road in Gibsons. I'm assuming they're vintage buttons. They're very kewl with an interesting clasp on the back. They were $3. I'll have to find something to use them for!


I'm donating my pillow set from last week to a silent auction at work for the United Way. It's nice to pass on the good karma! Hopefully someone will bid on them... :-)


Re-love challenge #3

I found this absolutely funky vintage smock at the Salvation Army today - I've decided it's going to be my re-love challenge #3. This vintage piece was $7 - a bit extravagant for me but I had to get it! I think I'll make some accent pillow covers with it.

Recent Finds

It's been a girlie girl week. The above smock is pretty girlie and decorative, which ties into my finds from the weekend. My fabric from the Happy Cat Haven and then the below from a garage sale. I got this uber kewl book holder - I'm assuming that's what it is since that's how they displayed it - for $1.50.

I also picked up these 4 coasters for $1 - the fourth was broken in one of my klutzy episodes. I might rethink how I use these. Maybe I can hang them on the wall somewhere.

I'm off to do some crafting. I'm excited about the smock I bought today - it'll be fun to re-engineer it then find a new home for the final piece!


I've got pillow love!

My Latest Pillow Set

This weekend has been great for getting stuff done! I volunteered for a couple of hours this Saturday at the Happy Cat Haven sale. While I was there, I scoped out this gorgeous material. I picked up 2 metres for about $0.50! I decided to create a couple of 16" x 16" pillow covers Saturday afternoon and I really, REALLY like them! They definitely cost under $10 for the 2 pillow forms and material. I might make another set - we'll see!

Re-love Challenge #2 Continues

I finished off the second pillow cover for my Re-love Challenge #2. This is the challenge where I re-engineered 2 pairs of wool pants into pillow covers just for the heck of it. I think they look OK - at least they don't look like they were made out pants. Or do they?

Project Update

Since it was sunny out today, I sat on the deck sanding my art deco magazine rack that I bought awhile ago for $7.50. It's going to be a monster project since the scraping off of the finish will take ages. It'll be worth it though! I'm going to remove all of the icky, shiny finish and stain it then add a clear satin finish to it. Exciting!



Now I have to do some 'real' work! ;-)


Continuing the re-love vibe

Re-love Challenge #1

My Ikea drape just keeps giving! I got my vanity seat done this weekend. I plan to finish up the chairs tomorrow. The refinished vanity seat looks nothing like my $3 purchase! This update was super cheap and super easy - I probably spent $6 for all of my supplies including the seat!





Re-love Challenge #2

My other challenge for the weekend was to re-engineer 2 pairs of wool pants of my Dad's. I wanted to create a set of 14" x 14" pillow covers. My original idea was a tic tac toe design where I could assemble fabric squares together. I modified my plan slightly and added a bit of colour to the middle. Next I'll work on the second cover, which will reverse the colours and use a different colour for the middle.




The plan can always change

Last weekend I put my chairs aside, finished my pillow covers and planned to make another set of pillow covers this weekend. Well the plan has changed. This weekend I want to finish off my black chairs - I'm going with a solid black finish. And I'm going to redo the stapling of the fabric on the seats. I can't help myself! And instead of making another set of pillow covers with the Ikea fabric - I'm going to refinish this seat just like my chairs. Solid black finish with the Ikea fabric for the cushion. The seat was only $3 at the Salvation Army. I've already removed the seat and the fabric plus sanded and primed the wood.

Dad's Wool Pants

This weekend is going to be jam packed with projects - the chairs, the seat and some pillow covers. I'm re-engineering 2 pairs of old wool pants that my Dad doesn't wear anymore. I know I can make something super funky and no one will know the pillow covers used to be wool pants! I got some slack (cheesy pun I know!) from a couple of people at work so I'm out to prove them wrong! I've felted the pants and cut them up. Next I'll start re-jigging them.

Another Kewl Article

I usually check in with the NY Times Style section every so often. They sometimes have FAB photo slideshows and interesting Home & Garden articles. This one is pretty neat - One Man’s Trash. It's somewhat ironic since my buddy Karen and I are going to ReStore in Wilson Creek (inbetween Gibsons and Sechelt) next weekend, which sells new and used building materials. Apparently you can find great stuff there - I want a funky, old slab of wood to sand and stain then place on my metal tray with wheels. Here's a perfect example of what I have in mind - it's a post I came across on decor8: By Nord: Nordic Inspired Interiors. Check out the gorgeous coffee table!

I'm off to do some reupholstering! Tomorrow I'm painting then re-assembling my projects... Then I want to find new homes for them since really I don't need them (we have chairs galore!). I just like the thrill of the hunt and seeing how much you can improve a piece that someone thought was not worth holding onto.