Salad Extravaganzas, craft dates and so on

It's been a great week! We had a Salad Extravaganza at work on Thursday. There were 5 of us and each person brought 1 or 2 things towards a big salad that we then shared. I brought spicy pecans and a ripe avocado. The spicy pecans are part of an idea my Mom and I have for Xmas hostess gifts that include a bag of spicy pecans and a bag of curried nuts then I'll design and create the packaging. I'll need to come up with a design for the packaging - it has to be something re-usable. Anyways the Salad Extravaganza was a hit and there will be more!

I also had lots of date time with Paul - always a very good thing. We picked tons of blackberries around our place Friday afternoon. We only walked about 20 feet and picked 2 big bowls full. We washed and froze those since they are FAB for smoothies for me and crumbles for him. Then we each had a project to sand. There we were on a Friday night on the deck sanding furniture - nothing says love more than that!

My project is this $5 end table I picked up on my thrifting adventure with Thelma this week. It was a quick and dirty fixer up job. I did an hour or so of sanding then today I added some wood oil then figured it was done. I thought of keeping the top au natural then painting the bottom white with a shabby chic finish but Paul poo-pooed that. I think he ended up being right (as usual) since the table looks great without doing anything too complicated. The legs had some texturizing effect to them that was hideous. I didn't fully sand it off so when I added the oil it actually left an interesting detail to the finish. I think it worked out well!




The Crazy Lady on the Ferry

That's me. The last few weeks I've had a thrift find to drag home. I bought 2 wood crates for $4/each. I took one home at a time. I got lots of compliments but needless to say I looked a little nutty. This week I dragged the $5 end table home.

My First Buttonholes

I sewed my first set of buttonholes. Here are my pillow covers using my $1 fabric from a garage sale and some new pillow forms I bought at the Lions Gate Thrift Store for $3/each. My other set of buttonholes weren't as successful - I'll need to rework them but at least I have tons of the brown linen I used.

Recent Thrift Finds

I didn't end up going to any garage sales today but managed to get to the Salvation Army and then the Happy Cat Haven sale. Both proving to be succesful. I spent a total of $10. I picked up 2 more teak salad bowls for $1 and 6 teak coasters that came in a cute container for $2.50. Once I got them home, I washed them with soap and water then sanded them and finally added olive oil to them. Teak housewares are easy to refinish since you just need to sand them and add oil.

I bought another floor lamp for $7 - it's gorgeous. I got it at the Happy Cat Haven sale. It needs refinishing and definitely re-wiring. I'll also update the lamp shade. Lots of exciting projects on the go!


  1. The little table looks so much better now. Always listen to Paul. Do you want to sell the floor lamp after it's been refinished?

  2. Hey Thelma! I think I may have to sell one of the floor lamps since we'll have 3 once I refinish the 2 we've bought in the last while. And sometimes it is good to listen to Paul... :-)