Re-use, re-engineer, re-love

I'm deep into recycling this week. My sewing buddy, Thelma, gave me some wool blankets for sewing. The blankets were a bit damaged so she had cut them into pieces then when she moved donated them to me. They're nice bright colours! I have some booties I'm making - I still need to do some felt applique. They red booties are from a red scarf I bought for $2. I think I'll also make some pillow covers using the material from the wool blankets.

My other recycling projects involve a gorgeous drape I bought this week at the Salvation Army for $7. It's made with funky Ikea fabric. I spent a bunch of time unpicking the drape and today I sewed one 1 pillow cover for a couple of 26" x 26" pillow forms I have. I just finished sewing and now have to re-jig the cover since it's huge! I'll need to shave off an inch all the way around then sew pillow cover #2.



I'm also reupholstering these chairs with the Ikea fabric. I bought them at the Salvation Army for $5 each. I thought it would be a quick and easy update since I just needed to touch up the paint then replace the fabric on the seat. No such luck. I removed the fabric on each seat only to find there was 3 layers of fabric underneath. Brutal. So I was able to get 2.5 layers removed yesterday. Today I'll remove the rest then add the Ikea fabric. They'll look FAB once I'm done.


  1. Wish I had seen that fabric first! These chairs will look fantastic when finished. This is recycling to the max!

  2. Sorry I beat you to this thrift find! But it fixed the thrift find dry spell I was having... Looking forward to going thrifting this week! :-)