Going button shopping!

Tonight I'm dropping by Fabricland for buttons! This weekend I made 2 sets of pillow covers - each requiring buttonholes. Exciting since I've never made buttonholes. I have an attachment for my old Singer - yikes! That's a little intense. I put the attachment on my machine then had no clue how to work it. So I decided I'll sew my covers then use either my Mom's machine or my friend Thelma's. Much easier that way. So tonight I'll pick up buttons! I have a stash that could work but I want to see if I can find anything better...

One pillow set is for a pair of 16" x 16" pillow forms. I'm using some free linen a friend gave me. She actually gave me a ton of the brown linen so I can go nuts with it. For now I have the 2 pillow covers. I'm going to sew my buttonholes tonight then add the buttons - voila they're done! I just need to find a home for them...

I also created a set of 14" x 14" pillow covers. I used some fabric I paid maybe $1 for at a garage sale. I thought these could be my first attempt at buttonholes then if I screw up it's no big deal.

I'm glad I did some sewing this weekend. It was a little crappy out so it was nice to work on some sewing projects... Plus you actually feel like you can accomplish something in a short period of time unlike furniture refinishing. I have various projects in various stages of completion.

Free Stuff!

My friend Asim is picking up a free coffee table for me this week. A friend of his is moving and wanted to get rid of it - and he thought of me and my craft adventures. It just needs some sanding and a fresh coat of wood oil or stain. Gotta love free stuff!

Tonight will be good - more buttons, making buttonholes, etc.

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