75% trial & error, 25% actual work...

After hours of removing 4 layers of horrible fabric from both of the chairs I picked up yesterday, I finally got to the fun part... I've definitely learnt a lot from this project!! Mainly I'm a bit particular which really creates a lot more work and angst! Here are the chairs thus far - the fabric really looks good with these chairs. I'm going to leave them until next weekend since I need to decide if I want a solid black finish on the chairs or maybe do a subtle shabby chic finish... I also may want to revisit the stapling on the seat. I want it to be somewhat perfect even though no one will see the staples. This is where you know you're a bit of a weirdo when you're worried about staples that no one else will even know about...

If anyone out there has an opinion on whether I shabby chic or not please leave me a comment. In this situation, I'll give into peer pressure! :-)

Now I'll get back to some sewing... I want to get those darn pillow covers done this weekend!

Project Update

I finished off the set of 26" x 26" pillow covers last night that I started this weekend. I trimmed the cover by an inch so it wasn't too roomy. They look gorgeous... And the good news is I have enough fabric left for a second set! I also have a bit of fabric left that I may use for one of the wall organizers I want to sew in the next while. So my $7 drape created four 26" x 26" pillow covers, two chair seats and then a wall organizer... That's a good deal!

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