That darn tray...

I worked on my stenciling this weekend. I'm driving myself insane. I've painted then painted over the white tray probably 2 times at this point. I'm not happy with the implementation of my design so I think I'll repaint them AGAIN. I might add the polyurethane and put the tray aside for a bit.

I think when I'm ready to conquer the trays, I need to be less complicated with my design. Paul gave me some advice on the white tray and I didn't listen. And, he'll like this, I should have listened to him! Next time...


Project Update

I also started decoupaging the lampshades from my vintage lamp. Paul dismantled the lamp - he's going to help me rewire it since the wiring looked a little scary! I've added a couple of layers of rice paper. This week I'll add the rest of the rice paper then add a layer of tracing paper. After the tracing paper, I'll do a bit of sanding then seal them up. The tracing paper will add a smooth surface and will have a nice glimmer to it.

Miscellaneous Detours

Since we're going to rewire the vintage lamp, I think I'll be able to talk Paul into helping me (more likely he'll do it) wire this floor lamp we bought at a garage sale for $2. It's a gorgeous stand - it just needs to be polished since there's some rust. Then we wire it up and then I'll need to track down a lampshade frame. I can do all of my lampshades at once. I'll definitely pick up some Amy Butler fabric for this shade as well.

I'm still happy crafting - I've just hit some bumps in the road! :-)


  1. I like the tray. I know you worked hard on it sorry this comment seems so crazy late but you never know when your blog may inspire someone do you? I have the same despairing cry while I am finishing up my inspiration board that I have redone several time now.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate it. :-) I definitely have a few projects I've redone... And some I learned to just let go of and move on.