Hunting and scavenging oh my...

Yesterday I picked up the teak lamps I scoped out at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop last week. I paid $10 for both. I decided to donate the lampshades since they didn't really work too well with the lamps plus they were different shapes. I want a drum shape - a diameter slightly wider than the lamp and quite long in length. My plan is to paint the ceramic part then use Amy Butler fabric for a modern lampshade.

I've been checking online for tutorials for recovering lampshades:

I also bought some off-white rice paper from Opus Art Supplies last night. It was $7 and should be enough for both lampshades. I think I'll add a bit of colour to the glue when I decoupage the cover this weekend. Something earthy and subtle. I'm looking forward to finishing up the lamp. Tonight I'll be grabbing more supplies since I want this weekend to be uber productive...

Kewl Article

I came across this article on the weekend in the New York Times - it was a great read!
A Second Home, a Starter Budget


  1. Hey Denise! I love the teak lamps. Growing up we had teak all through the house!

  2. Hi Meike! I love the teak lamps too... I'm looking forward to updating them. :-)