A craft confession...

My confession is I'm cheap... Well 'thrifty'. I went to Michaels last night to get supplies for the weekend. I need some stenciling supplies. I was shocked at how much the supplies were going to cost - $10 for the adhesive spray, $10 for a couple of small pieces of Mylar and then the stenciling brushes were $8-15. Yikes! So $30 to stencil a $5 tray. A little extreme!

I ended up asking one of the people working there for help and thank god I did. She gave me some great advice. I ended up just getting paint and some cheap sponges at Michaels - the total was $12. Then she suggested I get clear drawer liners from the loonie store. I picked up 2 rolls (the rolls are 40" x 18") for $3.

I've designed my stencil using the dingbat Typo Backgrounds. It will require a lot of cutting but I think it will be worth it. I'll work on one tray this weekend and see how it goes then come up with a different design for the other tray. And even look at other options for funkify-ing the tray like making a potato stamp or something! That will be next weekend's craft adventure.

Hopefully I break the curse with these trays and avoid a craft disaster this weekend! ;-)

PS I checked out this book at Michaels, Lotta Prints, which definitely was inspiring. She had some very kewl stuff in there!

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