There's never enough time for all of your projects!

My list of fun stuff to do is a little overwhelming. It's nice to get something accomplished when you find yourself doing bits here and there. I ended up finishing something this weekend - I bought an end table this Saturday and had it refinished Sunday afternoon (see below).

This weekend was FABULOUS for garage sale/thrift store finds... Friday I visited the Thrift Shoppe on North Road in Gibsons. Usually their prices are a bit high but I did end up with a $5 Singer Sewing Machine - model 327J. It's in great shape and was originally $20 then she went down to $5 so I thought why not? But now I have to find a new home for it since I found this gorgeous vintage Singer for $5 at a garage sale...

Both still work and have some wear but not too much. I also got a couple of other items that are ripe for refinishing - a wood tray that I want to paint green and inlay some of the funky wallpaper in it. I also bought this little white end table. I paid probaby $5 for it plus a few dollars in supplies. It looks so much nicer now! Originally it was white with brown feet. Now it's a solid grey-blue...


I love spring/summer... Tons of garage sale, flea markets, etc plus you can work outside! Happy crafting!

PS Thanks to my friend Karen (the one who took me to the dump) - she let me drag 2 sewing machines, an end table, wicker bag, wood tray, etc in her SUV. Not too many friends are kewl with that!

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