Easy breasy gifts

I've been sidetracked again. I had a baby shower to go to this weekend. I planned to make a decorative pillow and a felt applique photo frame. I was able to get a fun decorative pillow done but not the frame - I added a pair of booties to the gift since I have a bunch of them ready to go. I want to do a few decorative pillows since I have so many pillow forms these days! This one uses the letter 'b' plus a bird. Next I want to have the letter 'a' plus an apple then go from there. Each will probably cost under $5 in supplies. That seems to be my magic number these days!

This weekend I also wanted to finish off some pillow covers for our place. We got this red vinyl couch for free from a friend - I know it sounds scary but it's actually quite funky. I updated it with these pillows. I want to also create an accent pillow to go with them. The fabric is from the remnant bin at Fabricland so super cheap. And the pillow forms are part of my stash and cost maybe $2 for both.

More Fun Felt Projects

This morning I whipped up a cover for a friend's iPhone. I used Paul's iTouch for the dimensions and the cover fits perfectly. It's nice when you can make things yourself instead of buying them. Thankfully I'm getting better at sewing, etc.

Next weekend is definitely the wooden tray - hopefully I can also get the shelves done!

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