Craft zen

I didn't think I had accomplished a lot this weekend then I gathered my photos and I guess it's not as lame as I thought it was. This weekend was definitely good for craft zen... There I was on our deck in the sunshine sanding a table I bought for $20 at a garage sale this weekend and feeling pretty darn fabulous. The Sunshine Coast is an amazing place to be. Both Paul and I are getting back to our roots and loving it. He has entered the black hole of gardening these days where hours go by yet it feels like minutes. Alas you won't see me out there... I helped for a couple of hours moving plants around. I felt like the little kid that keeps saying 'are we done yet?'...

Recent Garage Sale Finds...

I went garage saling with my friend Karen. She has an old van (I made the mistake of calling it an SUV) that we took out, which is great for loading big items into. My one task from Paul was to find a wheelbarrow - we got one for $3 so now he can haul on the dirt he wants. Sad to say but he was super excited about it!

The first place we were at had tons of kewl things. I ended up with this table for $20 with some brass knobs thrown in for free. I could have bought more but you don't want to spend all of your cash on the first garage sale! I managed to refinish this on Sunday - a quick and dirty refinishing job since I just wanted to remove any shellac then sand it and finally add some oil then it would be A-OK. This only took 2-3 hours from beginning to end. You really notice the difference in the legs.




We went to 5 or 6 more sales. I picked up a teak cheese dish for $0.25 and some fabric for $3. And then I picked up a black rotary phone for $2 - I've wanted one of these for ages but they can cost up to $20 and they can be pretty scary looking. Black is a safe colour - no beige or yellow thanks.

The teak cheese dish goes with the teak salad bowl and serving bowls I picked up a couple of weeks ago for $4. I scooped those up right away since they look as if they've never been used and I love teak.

More projects...

I ended up making more coasters since the initial ones didn't work out as well as I wanted. I used some super cheap fabric I picked up recently. Anyways I think they look better...

Then I decided to work on some placemats based on the pattern I used for the coasters. I wanted to use one of the Danica placemats I picked up for $1 and the denim I picked up for $2. I was able to create 3 placemats from the fabric. I think I'll stitch a fork, knife and spoon then seal them up. Here they are so far...

These will be good for kids... Kind of fun and durable. Hopefully I can finish them off ASAP.


Craft disasters and getting stuff done

Last weekend I had my first full-blown craft disaster! My main accomplishment last weekend was the pillow cover for my friend Heather - at least that went well. The other project was my wooden tray that I paid $2 for. I sanded and primed it then painted it lime green to go with the pink and green wallpaper. Once I added the wallpaper, after the hours of work I put into this project, I didn't like it at all. So I'm back to the beginning. I ripped off the wallpaper and started removing the paint. Argh... It was a big disappointment...

This weekend I wanted to get things done and I didn't have a lot of time to commit so I decided not to work on furniture refinishing since that's a black-hole when it comes to time. I worked on projects using the Danica placemats I bought a couple of weeks ago.

Project 1: I made a pillow cover to go on our free red vinyl couch. I really like this cover. It's within my usual cost range of $5. I paid $2 for the pillow form, $1 for the placemat then $2-3 for the black fabric for the back.

Project 2: I made coasters out of another placemat. They worked out well although the placement of the birds is off on a few. I tried to use as much of the placemat as possible so I ended up with 13 coasters, which cost maybe $3 in supplies. I found this great tutorial for the coasters on the blog The Sometimes Crafter - I didn't completely follow it but I definitely like how the stitching looks with the round cut out for the fabric.

I'm also working on more booties since my supply is dwindling and they're great for wasting time on the ferry...

Recent Thrift Store Finds...

I picked up this brass piece with wheels for $3 at the Good Stuff Connection Thrift Shop. I was going to leave it as is and maybe put a plant on it but then I thought I could even put a mirror in the middle and hang it. Or use it for a clock frame - that's if I can find something that will fit in the middle. Who knows...


Fun in the sun!

I've been outside most of the weekend - visiting the local thrift shops, sewing (a bit inside, a bit outside) and refinishing projects. Thankfully I'm getting some stuff done!

Recent Thrift Store Finds...

I lucked out this week. I went to the Lions Gate Hospital Thrift Shop (128 West 15th Street) and picked up some sample Danica placemats for $1/each then some sample paper napkins at 3 for $0.10. I spent $8.30 and got 8 placemats and 9 paper napkins. My finds were the envy of my coworkers! I used one of the placemats for my newly refinished end table. Then I picked up a couple of glass containers at the Salvation Army for $1.50/each - I've placed one on the table with one of the funky placemats. The paper napkins will be perfect for potential decoupage projects.

I'm going to use a couple of the placemats for my wall organizers. I picked up some canvas at Fabricland - it was a remnant piece so I scooped it for $3. It should be enough for 2 wall organizers using the hangers from the canvas wall hanging I picked up awhile ago. The canvas will be the main piece and the placemats I'll use for the pockets.

Another Easy Breasy Pillow Cover

I had so many compliments on the pillow cover I did for a friend's baby shower that I made another cover. This pillow is for my friend Heather who wanted one using pink, brown, cream and turquoise.


Easy breasy gifts

I've been sidetracked again. I had a baby shower to go to this weekend. I planned to make a decorative pillow and a felt applique photo frame. I was able to get a fun decorative pillow done but not the frame - I added a pair of booties to the gift since I have a bunch of them ready to go. I want to do a few decorative pillows since I have so many pillow forms these days! This one uses the letter 'b' plus a bird. Next I want to have the letter 'a' plus an apple then go from there. Each will probably cost under $5 in supplies. That seems to be my magic number these days!

This weekend I also wanted to finish off some pillow covers for our place. We got this red vinyl couch for free from a friend - I know it sounds scary but it's actually quite funky. I updated it with these pillows. I want to also create an accent pillow to go with them. The fabric is from the remnant bin at Fabricland so super cheap. And the pillow forms are part of my stash and cost maybe $2 for both.

More Fun Felt Projects

This morning I whipped up a cover for a friend's iPhone. I used Paul's iTouch for the dimensions and the cover fits perfectly. It's nice when you can make things yourself instead of buying them. Thankfully I'm getting better at sewing, etc.

Next weekend is definitely the wooden tray - hopefully I can also get the shelves done!


There's never enough time for all of your projects!

My list of fun stuff to do is a little overwhelming. It's nice to get something accomplished when you find yourself doing bits here and there. I ended up finishing something this weekend - I bought an end table this Saturday and had it refinished Sunday afternoon (see below).

This weekend was FABULOUS for garage sale/thrift store finds... Friday I visited the Thrift Shoppe on North Road in Gibsons. Usually their prices are a bit high but I did end up with a $5 Singer Sewing Machine - model 327J. It's in great shape and was originally $20 then she went down to $5 so I thought why not? But now I have to find a new home for it since I found this gorgeous vintage Singer for $5 at a garage sale...

Both still work and have some wear but not too much. I also got a couple of other items that are ripe for refinishing - a wood tray that I want to paint green and inlay some of the funky wallpaper in it. I also bought this little white end table. I paid probaby $5 for it plus a few dollars in supplies. It looks so much nicer now! Originally it was white with brown feet. Now it's a solid grey-blue...


I love spring/summer... Tons of garage sale, flea markets, etc plus you can work outside! Happy crafting!

PS Thanks to my friend Karen (the one who took me to the dump) - she let me drag 2 sewing machines, an end table, wicker bag, wood tray, etc in her SUV. Not too many friends are kewl with that!