Sharing the craft love

I'm making more stuff for friends. The wine bags are a huge hit. I gave one to a friend yesterday who then filled it with a bottle of wine for his girlfriend. She loved it! I also made him a snazzy Blackberry cover (sorry no photos). I created a felt applique design that was based on his newly launched business, Mountain Surf Adventures. Sharing the craft love is definitely fun!

I continued the craft love with a felt applique photo frame. I made this one for someone I work with. I have two more in the works for a couple of friends who are expecting babies. I already gave them booties but thought a fun-sie photo frame would work well.

Project Update

This weekend I'm planning to work on my $1 purchases from the dump. The desk is ready for priming and painting. Then I'll work on adding the gift wrap. And I'm super excited - I have a plan for the shelves. The problem with the shelves is the spindles - they're dated and it was hard to figure out how to make the shelves look more modern without replacing the spindles. Since I only spent $1 on the furniture, I really didn't want to invest too much in supplies.

My plan was inspired by the life and times of sticks and bricks. There are some fabulous pieces and I love the before and after shots. I first came across their work on Design*Sponge. My thought is to sand the shelves then I'll add the primer and paint them black. Next I'll do a light wash of white to soften the black. After the white wash, I'll shabby chic the shelves a bit. The final touch is a simple stencil on the top shelf on the right. I'll do something organic like a flower in a black or a slight colour. Voila - it'll be beautiful! Or should be if all goes according to plan!

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  1. I just wanted to comment about the Blackberry covers you refer to. I have two felt BB covers that Denise made: one with a flower and one with a butterfly design in felt, and I just love them. I am using one for a holder for my satellite radio that I move back and forth from car to home, and it works perfectly! The felt protects the face of the radio and it can go in my purse without worry. Such a great idea - both for Blackberries and other portable devices!!