Refinishing furniture & gift wrap

I have all of my supplies ready for the white desk I picked up at the dump last weekend. Tomorrow I'll sand the desk then start painting it an off-white. I searched out potential paper for the shelves. I thought of getting some wallpaper but paying $30 for a roll wasn't going to happen. I then checked out Opus Framing and Art Supplies - their paper is gorgeous but $8/sheet. I would need at least 2 sheets, which seemed too extravagant for my $1 desk. Finally I spotted some funky sets of gift wrap at the loonie store by work. Each package was $1. The green is for the drawer liner then the silver and white paper is for the shelves. All the paper matched perfectly with my knob from Home Depot, which was $5. All together I've invested $10... My paint and mod podge are from prior projects.

I was checking out Design*Sponge again and they have some new before and after projects that are really inspiring for what I want to do with my desk. This vintage luggage piece (from Chic Maps by Nikki) uses gift wrap and looks very funky! Design*Sponge also featured this magazine rack redo (from Mintagehome), which looks great and uses Amy Butler fabric for the top.

Recent Thrift Store Finds...

I found some more knobs just in case I find more furniture to restore this year. I paid $3 for all of the knobs. Next weekend I'm going to the dump again so maybe I'll need these knobs soon. I might try painting them to give them new life.

Project Update

Tonight I'm cutting fabric and finishing off some pillow covers. I have my stockpile of baby booties - these are so easy to make! They're also great for passing time while I'm on the ferry.

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