Completed projects - before & after

This weekend I started sanding my desk. It's going to take awhile! I decided to take a break in order to complete some outstanding projects. I finished sanding my $5 end table then put a couple of coats of varathane on it. I ended up not painting the table since it had a rustic look that brought out the details in the design that I liked. The details show up now that all of the glossy shellac has been removed! Also I'm weary of painting everything - I like a mix of painted pieces and natural wood pieces.



Next I cut up the light pink/light blue felted wool toque I bought a few weeks ago at a thrift shop for $2. I modified the baby bootie pattern and made a pair of boots for a 3-6 month old. These are very cotton candy-ish! The felted wool is very thick so the boots will be super warm and sturdy.


I used the same pattern to make another pair of baby boots out of a felted sweater I had. The body of this sweater was used for a pillow cover. I used one of the sleeves for this pair of boots...

It's always nice to get projects done. Next weekend I'll be going to the dump again... With summer on its way, there's nothing better than sanding furniture outside in the sunshine!

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