Sharing the craft love

I'm making more stuff for friends. The wine bags are a huge hit. I gave one to a friend yesterday who then filled it with a bottle of wine for his girlfriend. She loved it! I also made him a snazzy Blackberry cover (sorry no photos). I created a felt applique design that was based on his newly launched business, Mountain Surf Adventures. Sharing the craft love is definitely fun!

I continued the craft love with a felt applique photo frame. I made this one for someone I work with. I have two more in the works for a couple of friends who are expecting babies. I already gave them booties but thought a fun-sie photo frame would work well.

Project Update

This weekend I'm planning to work on my $1 purchases from the dump. The desk is ready for priming and painting. Then I'll work on adding the gift wrap. And I'm super excited - I have a plan for the shelves. The problem with the shelves is the spindles - they're dated and it was hard to figure out how to make the shelves look more modern without replacing the spindles. Since I only spent $1 on the furniture, I really didn't want to invest too much in supplies.

My plan was inspired by the life and times of sticks and bricks. There are some fabulous pieces and I love the before and after shots. I first came across their work on Design*Sponge. My thought is to sand the shelves then I'll add the primer and paint them black. Next I'll do a light wash of white to soften the black. After the white wash, I'll shabby chic the shelves a bit. The final touch is a simple stencil on the top shelf on the right. I'll do something organic like a flower in a black or a slight colour. Voila - it'll be beautiful! Or should be if all goes according to plan!


My stock pile of free stuff

Well I'm developing a reputation and am now getting free craft supplies from friends and family. Last week I got some free fabric, a velvet jacket to take apart and some very funky wallpaper. The wallpaper is gorgeous and super fun!

I also went to the dump last weekend. I didn't find any furniture but managed to salvage knobs from the wood pile for free. I found these brass knobs (the 2 sets of knobs on the right) on an old radio cabinet that was in disrepair. I also found the other knob (the single knob on the left). Unfortunately there was only one but I'll definitely be able to use it for a project... Now I need some more furniture to refinishs!

Project Update

A friend asked me to make her a pair of booties with ice cream cones. I gave her three options to choose from. It's fun to share the craft love!

I'm going to be working on my white desk again this weekend. I was thinking about my fabulous gift wrap and wallpaper. I had bought a battery operated clock from the Salvation Army ages ago for $2 that I wanted to revamp. I have a wood panel from Opus Framing and Art Supplies that I want to use for the clock. I think it cost $2-3. I may end up collaging the wood panel with the gift wrap then picking up some silver paint for the sides of the panel. My list of current and upcoming projects is getting out of hand!

Recent Thrift Store Finds...

Later this week I'll post my recent thrift store finds. I got this wonderful wicket basket for $10 from the Lions Gate Hospital Thrift Shop (128 West 15th Street). I'm starting to get more organized with my craft supplies. The wicker basket will definitely help since it's about 4 feet high and 2 feet wide. I also found six pillow forms at the Salvation Army that are in close to new shape. I paid $17 for all six.

Yikes - I have a lot to make, create, refinish...


Completed projects - before & after

This weekend I started sanding my desk. It's going to take awhile! I decided to take a break in order to complete some outstanding projects. I finished sanding my $5 end table then put a couple of coats of varathane on it. I ended up not painting the table since it had a rustic look that brought out the details in the design that I liked. The details show up now that all of the glossy shellac has been removed! Also I'm weary of painting everything - I like a mix of painted pieces and natural wood pieces.



Next I cut up the light pink/light blue felted wool toque I bought a few weeks ago at a thrift shop for $2. I modified the baby bootie pattern and made a pair of boots for a 3-6 month old. These are very cotton candy-ish! The felted wool is very thick so the boots will be super warm and sturdy.


I used the same pattern to make another pair of baby boots out of a felted sweater I had. The body of this sweater was used for a pillow cover. I used one of the sleeves for this pair of boots...

It's always nice to get projects done. Next weekend I'll be going to the dump again... With summer on its way, there's nothing better than sanding furniture outside in the sunshine!


Refinishing furniture & gift wrap

I have all of my supplies ready for the white desk I picked up at the dump last weekend. Tomorrow I'll sand the desk then start painting it an off-white. I searched out potential paper for the shelves. I thought of getting some wallpaper but paying $30 for a roll wasn't going to happen. I then checked out Opus Framing and Art Supplies - their paper is gorgeous but $8/sheet. I would need at least 2 sheets, which seemed too extravagant for my $1 desk. Finally I spotted some funky sets of gift wrap at the loonie store by work. Each package was $1. The green is for the drawer liner then the silver and white paper is for the shelves. All the paper matched perfectly with my knob from Home Depot, which was $5. All together I've invested $10... My paint and mod podge are from prior projects.

I was checking out Design*Sponge again and they have some new before and after projects that are really inspiring for what I want to do with my desk. This vintage luggage piece (from Chic Maps by Nikki) uses gift wrap and looks very funky! Design*Sponge also featured this magazine rack redo (from Mintagehome), which looks great and uses Amy Butler fabric for the top.

Recent Thrift Store Finds...

I found some more knobs just in case I find more furniture to restore this year. I paid $3 for all of the knobs. Next weekend I'm going to the dump again so maybe I'll need these knobs soon. I might try painting them to give them new life.

Project Update

Tonight I'm cutting fabric and finishing off some pillow covers. I have my stockpile of baby booties - these are so easy to make! They're also great for passing time while I'm on the ferry.


Visiting the dump

I went on an adventure to the dump in Sechelt today. They have an area where you can buy re-usable items for $1 each. They mainly had furniture - lots of chairs, a couple of desks, couches and some end tables. I found 2 items ripe for refinishing! I've been super inspired by the Before and After posts on Design*Sponge. It's amazing what you can do!

Item #1

I found this fab desk that I want to sand and repaint next weekend. I'll keep it an off-white but I want to introduce some colour on the shelves and inside the drawer. I'm going to search out wallpaper remnants that I can use for the shelves and drawer liner. I also want to add a funky knob to the drawer.

Item #2

I picked up these shelves even though I'm not a big fan of the rounded spindles. I'm hoping that by sanding then painting the shelves that it will become more me. If not then I can find a new home for it. For $1, it's worth the effort!