When not to felt

Recent Thrift Store Finds...

I bought a wool blanket this weekend from the Sally Ann for $2... At first glance it seemed like the perfect item for felting. I brought it home and liked it too much to cut up. Paul liked it too so then I definitely couldn't "destroy" it.

Craft Update

I cut up fabric yesterday. I've decided to use up a bunch of supplies before buying more since I'm getting overloaded. The Benetton sweater is proving to be fabulous for booties - below is my initial pair of booties from the sweater.

I am also using the sleeves from a felted sweater for booties. The sweater is a charcoal grey. I'll line it with black wool. The main body of the sweater was used for a pillow cover. For $5, I should be able to get a pillow cover plus 5 pairs of booties out of it. Not bad!


  1. love your site, I recycle and make jewelry from silverware

  2. Thanks Deborah! I would love to see your jewelry - do you have a link you can send my way? :-)