Good week for thrifting!

I had a FAB week for thrifting. I work 3 days/week in North Vancouver around mid-Lonsdale - there are some great thrift stores on Lonsdale. One day I hit lower Lonsdale. I went to the Good Stuff Connection Thrift Shop (154 West 3rd Street) and the Salvation Army (241 Lonsdale Avenue). I found a lovely wool shawl for $4 at the Good Stuff Connection - it's purple with a subtle pattern. I've already felted it and cut it up. I can get three 18" x 18" pillow covers if I use a plain back. I've scoped out some wine coloured wool at Fabricland for the back. It's $33/metre so I'm holding out until it's 50% off, which should be sometime soon! I didn't find anything at the Salvation Army - usually you can track down neat finds at the North Vancouver location but not this time!

The next day I went to the Lions Gate Hospital Thrift Shop (128 West 15th Street). I found a felted wool toque that's light pink/light blue. It's a bit hideous as a toque but I think it'll prove to be quite fun as baby boots. I'll need to make some adjustments to the bootie pattern and extend the booties to boots. I also figure I have some wool remnants kicking around that I can also make into boots. I might as well use up all of the bits of felted wool I have! My stockpile of fabric is starting to become quite massive.

My final day in North Vancouver included a quick trip to Lonsdale Quay. I decided to stop by the Treasure Cottage Thrift Store (121 Lonsdale Avenue). I found 1.5 metres of wool fabric that's brown with specs of purple and baby blue in it. It was $5 for the piece so I bought it. I'm going to make two 18" x 18" pillow covers out of the fabric for our bed this weekend. I have a brown wool for the back. It'll go with the one pillow cover I'm keeping in the bedroom. I'm re-engineering some of the pillow covers I've made in the past for other projects.

Recent Garage Sale Finds...

What a weekend for garage sales! Spring has definitely sprung... Paul and I hit a bunch of sales this Saturday. I actually didn't find anything at the garage sales but I did get some great deals at the Happy Cat Haven. I bought two 18" x 18" pillow fillers in close to new condition for $1. I also got two floral pillows for our patio furniture. I paid $0.50 for both. I did well for $1.50!

Then we hit the flea market. Man was it BUSY! Unfortunately it's not the best place for deals although I did buy two 24" x 24" pillow fillers in close to new condition for $5.

Yesterday I cut fabric, prepped projects and hung out on our deck sewing. All in all a great day! Next I'll cut more fabric - I want to make some felt applique photo frames for friends. Plus I'll finish off my pillow covers for our bedroom. I'm really enjoying all of these projects.

Signing off for now... Next weekend brings more garage sales, thrifting and I even have a date to go to the dump. Good times!

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