Garage sale season is fast approaching...

Recent Thrift Store Finds...

Yesterday we headed up to Roberts Creek for a couple of garage sales. I found nothing worthy - I was tempted but held off for something phenomenal. Paul managed to spend $4 on goodies. The Happy Cat Haven garage sale will be up and running soon - I can't wait! You can always find something there!

After the garage sales, I dropped by the Salvation Army. I bought this canvas wall hanging for $1.25. I'm going to reuse the 2 handles for felt applique wall organizers. I found a link via How About Orange for a wall organizer pattern. I'll probably use it as a base design then modify it. I'll use the canvas for making a bag. All in all it was a FAB deal for $1.25!

Yes - More Booties in the Making

I'm making my way through the pile of felted sweaters that have been designated for baby booties. I picked up some snazzy buttons from Walmart this week. I want to keep trying new things with the basic pattern I'm using.

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