Felting wool sweaters is FUN!

I'm now addicted to felting wool sweaters - it's true! I haven't gotten back to the felted wool purses yet. As usual I was side-tracked. I had a wool skirt that I bought from the Sally Ann for $4 then bought another wool sweater this weekend from the Sally Ann for $3.50... I decided to scrap my purple and green pillow covers and do something more earthy using the wool from the skirt and sweater. I also have another sweater that I'll make into a pillow cover hopefully today. Each of the pillows are from my stash of $1 each fillers... I still have five 18" x 18" fillers and two 14" x 14" fillers in my stash.

Latest winebag...

I finished off a wine bag for a friend. I have 2 more in the works. I want to continue with the creme square and use it as a canvas... Maybe have some felt applique pieces of "art" happening.

I also need to make another pair of booties. The ice cream cone booties were a hit so I think I'll make another pair with ice cream cones... Hmmm or maybe cupcakes!

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