More booties!

This weekend I made 2 sets of booties. I meant to make 1 pair but got carried away. I have a home for the ice cream cone booties but need a home for the argyle booties. These are great to make since you can cut the fabric, add the design then put them together in a jiffy!

I have practical argyle...

And funky ice cream cones...

Other Projects on the Go

  • More wine bags... Of course! I have 2 that are nearly finished with 2 more started.
  • Then I have a ton of pillow fillers and some fabric I bought from the remnant bin at Fabricland for super cheap.
  • I bought a 100% virgin wool sweater from the Sally Ann for $5 that I felted. I'm going to make 3 wallets. I have the pieces cut out with some fabric for the lining ($1.75 for half of metre from Fabricland - great deal!) plus zippers... Now I just need the time to put it all together!

Here's a before shot of the wool sweater I felted with the after shot along with the lining for the purse... I think I'll somehow embellish the design on the wool - maybe enhance the leaves by using embroidery floss. Who knows!

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