2009: My Ultra Crafty Year

Sketchbook Covers are Done

I have my 3 sketchbook covers done. I gave my friend Thelma her sketchbook this week. Next week I'll drop off my friend Katherine's sketchbook... And number three is for me - for those times on the ferry when you get an idea for a new project you can sketch it out. I'm already itching to start on my next couple of projects.

Quick and Kewl Baby Booties

I recently found out that my super fabulous hairdresser is pregnant. Since we're desperate for haircuts, I made an appointment for next week and made some baby booties for her this weekend. Hopefully they are gender neutral since she doesn't know if she has a boy or girl on the way. It was a good "stuck in the house" project - we've been snowed in intermittently the past few weeks.

I used Heather Bailey's free pattern for Bitty Booties. It's a simple pattern and easy to make.

Upcoming Projects

  • New Pillow Covers - I want to felt some wool clothes I picked up at the Salvation Army and make pillow covers
  • More Wine Bags - I'll be prepping these tomorrow for my trips into town this week
  • A Date in a Bag - A variation of the wine bag I made for Xmas gifties, which will have extra compartments


  1. Love the sketchbook cover! And the booties are adorable. Happy Crafting in '09!

  2. Thanks pretty*practical - I am definitely having some happy crafting thus far this year! Lately I find myself saying "Hmmm I would much rather be sewing instead of working"... Especially if I can sit on our deck in the summer sewing up some booties. Nothing beats that!