Xmas Gifties

Sketchbook Covers

Things were hectic leading up to Xmas then we got a couple of big dumps of snow. Being snowed in helped me finish off some of my Xmas gifties!

I finished one of the sketchbook covers - the one on the left. I should have the other sketchbook cover done this week. Then I can make the final sketchbook cover, which is for me! I've realized my digi-camera us pretty crappy so the photos aren't perfect but hopefully good enough.

More Wine Bags

I have had a ton of interest in the wine bags so I created two more and found homes for them right away. I'll be working on more over the next month or so and attempting to vary them - maybe do a 'date in a bag' idea since my friend makes gourmet wine crackers and she'd love a wine bag with additional compartments.

Xmas Ornaments for Mom

I created some Xmas ornaments for my Mom. She's quite the contrast from Paul and I - we don't even put up a Xmas tree let alone set up decorations and lights. She has boxes and boxes and boxes of Xmas stuff. It's craziness! Anyways I thought she would appreciate some ornaments with family photos in them. I used a more muted colour palette since she wanted to move away from intense greens and reds.


Wine bags are done!

My 4 wine bags are done - 3 already have homes! I'll have to make a couple more before Xmas... I have so much to make in the next 10 days that it'll be a craft frenzy this weekend! Thankfully work will slow down soon. Next up are the sketchbook covers and some goodie bags.