More wine bags...

I now have 3 more wine bags in progress... I created one with an upside down candy cane on it (oops!) so needed to rework it. I cut the felt in half then created a bottom for the bag by overlapping the pieces and added some handles. It's not too shabby considering I had to rethink the design. I'll probably finish these bags up then work on my goody bags... All is time permitting at this point since I'm all of a sudden getting tons of work. At least these contracts will pay for more supplies!

Other Projects On The Go

I made a quick pillow cover out of some brown wool I had this weekend. I added a baby blue house then sewed in "Home Sweet Home". On the back I've added a pretty blue button I bought at Walmart. The cover is not perfect... I made a minor mistake. Hopefully no one can tell what it is!


Xmas Gifties

After a bit of a break I've booked today for sewing. I'm starting on my Xmas gifties - today I'm making felt wine bags after seeing one at a local craft sale. I found something similar on Eco-Handbags.ca that I modified. I'll make a couple today then change the dimensions to make goodie bags. My Mom and I usually make goodies for gifts - shortbread, truffles, etc. This way I can make re-usable bags that are somewhat funky... And just as cheap as a store-bought bag.

Recent Thrift Store Finds

I picked this silverware box up yesterday at the Salvation Army for $12. It's quite the find with the Art Deco handles. Paul and I can hopefully refinish it soon. I'm not sure what we'll use it for but it'll be quite the swanky box once it's been redone. Exciting!

The box has 2 compartments - I'd love to remove the cardboard/fabric inlay and just have the wood. I can always put down some sort of fabric. We'll see what happens! :-)


Wool Remnant Project #1 - DONE

I've finished up my Blackberry covers! I was able to make them from left-over green and purple wool with touches of grey felt. Thanks to my fancy dancy Singer I was able to make some improvements on these pieces... Slowly but surely I'm becoming better at this crafty thang. :-)

Next I'm going to make felt applique book covers for some sketchbooks I bought. One for me then I'm making a couple for Xmas gifties. The sketchbooks are a great size for putting in your purse and taking them around with you... And they were 50% off at Opus Framing and Art Supplies in North Vancouver. Each will cost under $10 for all of the supplies.


Projects Using My Wool Remnants

I have some scraps left of the green and purple wool I used for the pillow covers - I'm going to use these remnants, depending on size, for other projects. Today I'm creating 2 Blackberry covers. Here's the first one I just put together...

Next I'll sew my other Blackberry cover and maybe whip up some mini purses.

Recent Thrift Store Finds

I bought this cast iron candle stand at the Salvation Army in North Vancouver this week for $6. I love it! I carried it in my backpack from North Vancouver to Gibsons on the bus then onto the ferry - it was a little awkward but worth it!