My First Pillow Set - Cover #1

I took a leap of faith and sewed my first pillow cover this weekend using some wool I bought at Dressew (super fabulous fabric store in downtown Vancouver). I bought a half metre of green and a half metre of purple - both were $14.99/metre. The grey is felt since they didn't have a charcoal grey in wool - it was $9.99/metre.

I set up shop in the kitchen since we have a big window with lots of light. My old Singer is working well. I also bought a fold-away measuring board at the Happy Cat Haven garage sale yesterday for $3 - it was super helpful for measuring and cutting my fabric accurately... I need all the help I can get! :-)

I already had the necessary embroidery floss. Yesterday I picked up thread then I was able to get started. I want to create 3 pillow covers - two at 14" x 14" and one at 18" x 18". The pillow fillers I bought at the Happy Cat Haven garage sale for $1 each - all were brand new. Below is the first pillow cover...

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