Cork Board #2 is done

Last weekend I found another cork board frame for $3.50 at the Salvation Army. It has flowers carved along the top - it's a bit girly for me but boy was it super easy to build a cork board this time around! I did minimal work on this one - I did a light stain then was able to cut the cork so I could easily slide it in-between the frame and back board. My cork boards proved to be super cheap - frame #1 was $1, frame #2 was $3.50 and the 1' x 4' piece of cork was $10.

Here's the cork board in my studio by my desk, which is home to my 1950's Singer Sewing Machine that I bought at a garage sale in September for $10 (this included an hour lesson where I was shown how to make a quick and dirty pillow cover) and my fish lamp (a souvenir from Gold Pines Camp in Northern Ontario - a friend's fishing camp). The lamp is super cheesy I know but it makes me laugh... And it's definitely a lamp you won't see anywhere else like an Ikea lamp!

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  1. Beautiful Card board design please can you tell me which woodworking power tools you used for making this.