My Mother/Daughter Craft Date

This week I had a mother/daughter craft date - the plan was to create a snazzy fall wreath as part of my Mom's birthday present. Her birthday is next month but she wanted the fall wreath up ASAP since she has a Xmas wreath she'll be putting up in December.

This started with a purchase from the Salvation Army - 2 grapevine wreaths (one large and one small) purchased for $2. Then I bought 2 rolls of ribbon at 40% off from Michael's, approximately $15. We ended up only needing 1 roll, which was even better! My Mom picked up flowers and leaves to add to the wreath - I think she spent $10 but we only used half of what she bought. Our total cost was $14: $1.50 for the large wreath, $7.50 for the roll of ribbon and about $5 for the flowers and leaves.

We were able to have the wreath up within an hour or two! Thanks to my Dad - it is now secured on their front door. Nothing says love like the gift of making fall wreaths together... ;-P

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