My First Pillow Set - Done!

Pillow covers #2 and #3 are done! I'm pretty sure the 3 pillows cost approximately $20-25 in supplies: 3 pillow fillers for $3, under $20 for the wool and felt and $3 for thread. It took me a bit since I'm a newbie when it comes to sewing but it was worth it... The more I create, the easier it'll be!

Below shows the final home for the pillows.


My First Pillow Set - Cover #1

I took a leap of faith and sewed my first pillow cover this weekend using some wool I bought at Dressew (super fabulous fabric store in downtown Vancouver). I bought a half metre of green and a half metre of purple - both were $14.99/metre. The grey is felt since they didn't have a charcoal grey in wool - it was $9.99/metre.

I set up shop in the kitchen since we have a big window with lots of light. My old Singer is working well. I also bought a fold-away measuring board at the Happy Cat Haven garage sale yesterday for $3 - it was super helpful for measuring and cutting my fabric accurately... I need all the help I can get! :-)

I already had the necessary embroidery floss. Yesterday I picked up thread then I was able to get started. I want to create 3 pillow covers - two at 14" x 14" and one at 18" x 18". The pillow fillers I bought at the Happy Cat Haven garage sale for $1 each - all were brand new. Below is the first pillow cover...


My Mother/Daughter Craft Date

This week I had a mother/daughter craft date - the plan was to create a snazzy fall wreath as part of my Mom's birthday present. Her birthday is next month but she wanted the fall wreath up ASAP since she has a Xmas wreath she'll be putting up in December.

This started with a purchase from the Salvation Army - 2 grapevine wreaths (one large and one small) purchased for $2. Then I bought 2 rolls of ribbon at 40% off from Michael's, approximately $15. We ended up only needing 1 roll, which was even better! My Mom picked up flowers and leaves to add to the wreath - I think she spent $10 but we only used half of what she bought. Our total cost was $14: $1.50 for the large wreath, $7.50 for the roll of ribbon and about $5 for the flowers and leaves.

We were able to have the wreath up within an hour or two! Thanks to my Dad - it is now secured on their front door. Nothing says love like the gift of making fall wreaths together... ;-P


Update on my Blackberry covers...

I put together the 2 covers I created last week. Needless to say, I'm learning a bunch about sewing - cutting accurately, pinning material... Too bad I didn't take sewing in high school! Since the covers only cost $1 in materials and hours of my free labour, I can always make more covers until I feel they're ready for public consumption... For example the inside compartment on the grey cover is not very straight! Oops...

Recent Thrift Store Finds

This Saturday's thrift store finds include a plain basket to store all of my felt in. I'll need to glue it in a couple of places in the future once I buy a good glue gun. I borrowed my Mom's, which took at least 30 minutes to warm up then shot out the tiniest glob of glue. This I found at the Salvation Army for $2.50.

I also ended up at the Happy Cat Haven garage sale - it may be the last of the season! This time around I only spent $2 and it was on this old metal stool. I won't bother painting the stool since it looks pretty funky as is. I replaced the rubber feet at a cost of $3. The vinyl feet were tattered and one was missing so I picked up rubber feet from Gibsons Building Supplies (GBS). The stool was good to go within 5 minutes of getting it home.


Cork Board #2 is done

Last weekend I found another cork board frame for $3.50 at the Salvation Army. It has flowers carved along the top - it's a bit girly for me but boy was it super easy to build a cork board this time around! I did minimal work on this one - I did a light stain then was able to cut the cork so I could easily slide it in-between the frame and back board. My cork boards proved to be super cheap - frame #1 was $1, frame #2 was $3.50 and the 1' x 4' piece of cork was $10.

Here's the cork board in my studio by my desk, which is home to my 1950's Singer Sewing Machine that I bought at a garage sale in September for $10 (this included an hour lesson where I was shown how to make a quick and dirty pillow cover) and my fish lamp (a souvenir from Gold Pines Camp in Northern Ontario - a friend's fishing camp). The lamp is super cheesy I know but it makes me laugh... And it's definitely a lamp you won't see anywhere else like an Ikea lamp!


More and more felt!

This weekend I bought a load of felt! Saturday I went to the Happy Cat Haven garage sale and spent $5 on: a bag full of felt, 2 tubberware containers with various compartments (now I can take my projects on the ferry without losing bits and pieces!) and a bag full of buttons, zippers, etc. Then I picked up a frame for my second corkboard! That was $3.50 at the Salvation Army. Sunday I managed to get some more felt sheets at the Loonie Store in Capilano Mall - 3 sheets for a dollar instead of the usual 2 sheets. Now I just have to find time to work on these projects!
I have 2 blackberry covers ready. I'll be sewing around the edges then adding the finishing stitches this week.


My first felt project

Well I've been busy - I've actually had to work lately so my creativity is a little slow right now. I've started my felt prototype. I'm making Blackberry covers for all my friends who are unlucky enough to have one. ;-)
I came across this step by step felt cover for an iPod that I want to modify:
DIY iPod MP3 case - http://www.hipgirlie.com/2007/11/06/diy-ipod-mp3-case/
I've started on the cover and am now going to put all the pieces together.

After an hour or two of putting my felt prototype together - it's done! And not too shabby for a first attempt.