My trusty can of black spray paint - part 2

My magazine rack is ready and set up in my studio! It's so nice to have organization systems in place.

I also painted a box this weekend that I built in art school way back in the day. I originally stained it but of course there have been some mishaps over the past decade - water stains, gashes, etc. I used my left-over latex paint to revive it and it now stores my battery operated clocks that I want to design new faces for.

My next project will involve felt applique pieces. I have a few sets of pillow covers I want to design and create for the brand new pillow fillers I picked up at the Happy Cat Haven for $1 each. But first I'm going to work on smaller felt applique projects for family and friends with birthdays and Xmas fast approaching. Today I'm getting tips from my super crafty friend Thelma on different types of stitches for felt applique then I can get to work! I picked up my supplies last week - tons of thread and felt pieces then buttons, needles, a craft stick, etc. I spent $30-35 on everything you see below.

I've seen some fabulous felt applique pieces on Etsy. For example, Urban Paisley has some funky ornaments at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=16722. You can also check out her blog at http://urbanpaisley.blogspot.com.

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