Earth Day with Crafting with Crap and Urban Repurpose

Yay! Look what's coming up! I have a partner-in-craft upcycling workshop next weekend for Earth Day. It's a collaboration between Crafting with Crap and Urban Repurpose. Total win win event!

Tickets are $15 and they include 2 hours of awesome crafting, a planter made from reclaimed wood and soil/seeds. What a dealorama! Get your tickets at Eventbrite. See you there!


Easter in the Village with NVRC

Nothing says awesome like Easter in the Village with North Vancouver Recreation & Culture! Last year was insane with over 600 people attending the event. But this year definitely surpassed that! I figure we hit 1000 visitors. Wow!

We had a few hundred people waiting outside before the event started. Once the doors opened the next 2 hours were a blur of crafting, stamping, giving out chocolate, etc. Thank goodness I had an awesome helper!

Here are some very happy crafters... The only photo I was able to take during the event.

And this is what we crafted - paper cup bunny and chick baskets.

Big thanks to Amanda, Mitch and my helper from NVRC. I love being included in your community events! xo


An easy peasy Easter display stand

Happy Easter! Here's a simple DIY I wrote for the Sally Ann blog. Find out how to make an Easter display stand out of secondhand finds.

With Easter just around the corner and plans for having family and friends over, here’s an easy way to upcycle a couple of thrift store finds into a display stand. This DIY is super easy and very low budget!

  • plate
  • candle holder
  • LePage construction glue or E6000 permanent craft adhesive
When visiting your local Salvation Army Thrift Store you’ll be sourcing two items for your DIY display stand. First find an appropriate plate.

Then find a candle holder. Ideally you’ll want something with a flat top and a sturdy base. This will help support the plate.

Next up you need the right tools for this project and that is super strong glue. Either LePage construction glue or E6000 permanent craft adhesive should do the trick.

Add glue to one of your surfaces. I glued the top rim of the candle holder.

Now place the glued part of your candle holder in the middle of the bottom of the plate.
Note: as long as the candle holder opening is flat then you can leave the two alone and wait for the glue to dry. If the candle holder isn’t flat then you may need to adjust the two items or find a way to ensure your plate lays flat.

Allow to dry. Follow the instructions on the packaging for how long the drying will take.

Once the glue is dry, you’re ready to use your fancy dancy display stand. Add home decor items or maybe some desserts.

Along with your Easter display stand you can then find other Easter decor to feature along with your stand like this chick planter filled with chocolates. This is perfect for your dining room table or coffee table!

Happy Easter to you and your family!


An Earth Day Crafternoon with Urban Repurpose

Super stoked to share that I have two Crafting with Crap Crafternoons lined up with two very awesome partners-in-craft. I have a Mother's Day Crafternoon with Lupii Cafe but first I have an Earth Day Crafternoon with the peeps at Urban Repurpose. Yay!

One of our projects is customizing a planter made from reclaimed wood using items found in Urban Repurpose. This could be tiles, paint, old hardware or whatever else tickles your fancy. My cohost for the workshop is Mark and he's making these planters.

This is the start of one of my samples. I call him Harold the Pot Head. His face is made from old hardware found in the store. He's pretty darn cute!

This is the plant Mark grabbed for me - it's perfect for Harold's hair!

Here's my finished planter. I struggled with adding too much so I kept it minimal. I might add arms and legs later - we'll see!

Stay tuned for details about the event and how to register. For now keep your calendar open for this FAB event on Sunday, April 22nd from 1pm to 3pm at 493 Mountain Highway, North Vancouver.


5 ways to restyle t-shirts

My latest blog post for the Sally Ann blog is up! Here are 5 ways to restyle an old or secondhand t-shirt.

Restyling or upcycling old t-shirts is super easy and there's so much you can do with a torn or dated 'T'. Just because you don't or can't wear them anymore doesn't mean it's time to toss them out. And you can always find a funky top at your local Salvation Army Thrift Store that has tons of potential for getting crafty with.

Here are 5 easy peasy ways to extend the life of a secondhand t-shirt:

1. Restyle it!
You can find tons of simple DIYs for reworking an old T. You can find tutorials online or get a book out from your local library. You can cut up the back and weave the pieces like this top.

You can cut the sides and tie the loose ends together. Trim the sleeves for a tank top or sleeveless top.

Use fabric paint or bleach to create a design.

2. Make a one-of-a-kind pillow cover
I'm sure there's a way you can do this without a sewing machine but these I created by buying a pillow form, measuring my pieces then cutting and stitching up my secondhand t-shirt.

I bought this T with a heart design on the front. It turned into a super cute pillow cover!

Sometimes you luck out and find the perfect quote on a secondhand t-shirt like this one.

Note: you could even frame a FAV t-shirt. Why not!

3. A reusable bag
This is a no sew, low hassle DIY with long term benefits. All you do is cut off the sleeves, create a bigger opening at the neck then cut and tie up the bottom. It's that easy!

For this DIY bag I added glow in the dark fabric paint for a funky and safe trick or treat bag.

4. T-shirt yarn
Cut up the T to create t-shirt yarn. You can weave, knit or macrame with the t-shirt yarn.

Here's a finger knitted bracelet using t-shirt yarn.

A couple of DIY headbands.

A super simple macrame hanging planter.

The possibilities are endless!

5. Accessories and jewelry
Yup - you can make infinity scarves, t-shirt yarn cowls and even jewelry with old t-shirts.

Hope you try one or more of these fun ways to extend the life of an old t-shirt. Be sure to share your ideas as well. The more the merrier.