Festive crafting with Urban Repurpose

Last weekend I went to Urban Repurpose's inaugural upcycling workshop and it was awesome! Usually I'm facilitating workshops but I also love getting inspired by attending Crafternoons so this event was perfect! The event was super fun and the best part was I got to support Urban Repurpose and connect with new and kewl crafty peeps.

The workshop used materials found in the store and was facilitated by Taren and Gabriele from the West Vancouver Library. It was 2 hours of crafty awesomeness! First Tom introduced Urban Repurpose.

Then Taren introduced the craft and showed us how to upcycle tiles into Xmas ornaments.

Here are her sample projects... I love the silver leaf and all things glitter!

Our batch of basic supplies included tiles, paper, glitter and Mod Podge. We were set!

Here I am with Gabriele and Taren. I am definitely crafting with them again!

Sparkly and funky Xmas ornaments made from 'junk'!

Meanwhile they have quite the display in their window. Upcycled 'stuff' turned into a sleigh for Santa being led by Rudolph. Urban Repurpose really practices what they preach... Tom is always on the road collecting donations, their volunteers are amazing and they have a space in the back where creativity and ingenuity take upcycling to a whole new level.

A bit about the Xmas display...

Stay tuned for more upcycling workshops at Urban Repurpose... It was $10 well spent!


More DIYs with the Salvation Army Thrift Store

Here's some FAB news... I'll be sharing more tips and tricks when it comes to thrifting, upcycling and DIY-ing with the Salvation Army Thrift Store. My gig as one of their Creative Experts has been extended from December 2017 to March 2018.

My first stint has been so much fun and the Salvation Army Thrift Store has been awesome to work with. Looking forward to sharing more easy peasy projects repurposing thrift store finds.

Stay tuned for another giveaway, more refashioning projects and my feature video!


Xmas Crafternoons are coming!

Christmas and festive Crafternoons are on the way! Yahoo! I have four Xmas upcycling workshops lined up for December with three awesome partners-in-craft:

Hope to see you at one of my TBD Xmas Crafternoons for some festive crafting with crap!


Loving my Creative Expert gig with SA Thrift Stores

I'm halfway through my stint as a Creative Expert for the Salvation Army Thrift Stores Canada. It's been a blast! Next up - I'm filming a mini video about me, thrifting and my crafting with crap adventures. Kewl!

Here are the 8 handy dandy DIYs they've posted to their blog so far. You can find them at:
Stay tuned for my next round of crafty goodness! And here's their intro blog post about TBD:

Introducing our new Creative Expert: Thrifty by Design

Big thanks to the Salvation Army Thrift Stores Canada for partnering up and sharing some of my kookie upcycling, thrifting, DIY-ing projects. Sharing IS caring.


Crafting with cardboard is my latest love

Turns out that upcycling cardboard boxes is awesome! Especially when it comes to Halloween crafting. You'll be finding me in the big recycle bin at work more often!

My samples for last weekend's Halloween Crafternoon at North Vancouver City Library included magic wands, wristbands, crowns and home decor.

Here's the start of my pumpkin for display... I first drew out the shape.

Then cut it out and coloured it in. I then created the eyes, nose and mouth separately.

Next I used pipe cleaners to adhere the eyes, nose and mouth to the face.

Here's my spooky pumpkin good to go!

Next up was my uber sparkly crown... Wow! Super glittery and magical.

Here are some matching wristbands to go with the crown.

And a magic wand to complete the set.

Cardboard is so fun to work with! And it's free! Here's to more crafting with cardboard and other 'crap'.