Another NSG grant, another year of upcycling and community building awesomeness

Yahoo!! I am officially a 2017 Neighbourhood Small Grant recipient... So darn kewl! It's year 5 of crafting with 'crap' and building community with support from Vancouver Foundation's Neighbourhood Small Grant program and partnering with North Vancouver City Library. I love my VFNSG peeps and am so thrilled I'll be upcycling with my NVCL participants for another year.

The grant will cover the cost of supplies for 4 Crafternoons. And with an average of 50+ participants - it all helps! This way everyone can join in the fun. And this year, I'm hoping to pay honorariums for 2 guest hosts.

Know anyone super FAB that loves turning junk into funk? Who can work with me to support participants of all skill levels and ages? Send them my way!

Last year Adea from Billy Would Designs was my first ever guest host... She rocked it!!

So whose next? How are we going to up our crafting with 'crap' game? I have no doubt they'll be tons of crafty and community awesomeness happening. Stay tuned!


An addictive DIY refashioning Mason jars

After my latest Mason jar refashioning DIY, I was ready to do more! So what's a crafty girl to do - she sources more Mason jars from either her recycling bin or from her local thrift store. These ones came from my local Salvation Army thrift store and were about $1 each. Next time I'll save my Mason jars instead of recycling them to lower my cost on this project.

Next I used the lids from my recent trek to Urban Source on Main Street. Plus I had a few more plastic animals left over. I was set!

Lastly I just needed a few sponge brushes, super glue, acrylic paint and Mod Podge. I was ready to craft!

I glued the lid pieces together then glued the plastic animal to the top. Allowed the glue to dry then coated the lids with 3-4 coats of acrylic paint.

Once the paint was dry, I added a couple of coats of Mod Podge.

This was my super crafty weekend... 5 Mason jar DIYs, a pair of baby booties and a bunch of gift tags.

Scrap paper and a gift tag pattern can make crafty magic happen in a jiffy!

Love this DIY - it's easy, it's cheap and it's fabulous!

Next I'll be preparing for upcoming Crafternoons... Looking forward to crafting with 'crap' with my peeps.


Urban Source, random purchases and upcycling inspiration

Nothing inspires crafty, upcycling awesomeness more than a visit to Urban Source on Main Street. Whether you get a goody bag, paper, stamps or all of the above - you'll never leave without something and something super kewl.

After my collaging event with The Jealous Curator and Collage Collage last weekend, I popped into Urban Source to see what treasures I could find. I spent $3 on paper, Mason jar lids, cardboard circles, tile samples and plastic animals. Seemed like a good mix of craftiness potential...

The plastic animals were the treasures I decided to start with. The animals and the Mason jar lids were calling me.

The tiles would have to wait for another day. There's definitely something kewl I could do with them too!

My plan was to glue the animals to the Mason jar lids then paint them a fun colour. I've seen this DIY everywhere over the years and this weekend was my chance to try it! I used Mason jars from the dollar store - the lids from Urban Source would be used later.

First step was gluing the plastic animals to the lids.

I added super glue then placed the plastic animal in the centre of the lid... Next was waiting for the glue to dry.

Once the glue dried, I added a few coats of craft paint to the lid and plastic animal. I also mixed in some glitter paint.

You'll need 3-4 coats to create a solid finish.

One lid I painted a teal and the other pink... And of course a bit of glitter. Once you have a solid paint finish then seal with Mod Podge.

And then you're done! Super cute reusable packaging for candies, cookies, toys, etc.

Next I made a pair of upcycled wool sweater baby booties for a coworker who was going on mat leave. I thought the baby booties 'wrapped' in a Mason jar would be a super cute gift for her.

I of course went with a felt appliqué owl in bright colours.

Here they are! A light grey base with pink, blue and orange stitching.

Here's the final giftie - big time upcycling project success! Love the jar... It's the perfect packaging for the booties.

Stay tuned... This is another addictive DIY so I made more of these. I may have to go back to Urban Source for more plastic animals!


Easter in the Village celebration with NorthVanRC

Last Saturday was the Easter in the Village celebration with North Vancouver Recreation and Culture in Lynn Valley Village. Wow! What a turnout! We had 400+ kids show up to craft, decorate eggs, meet the Easter Bunny and more. Turns out we had over 600 participants. It was crazy busy!

You can imagine my 2 hours manning the Thrifty By Design craft table was a bit intense. So I only managed a few pics... This cutie patootie was one of many visitors who upcycled egg cartons into chicks, bunnies, baskets and flowers. What a blast!

The main attraction was the Easter Bunny... Here's a secret - this is my husband Roly who got decked out as EB for an hour. He was a big hit!

I even managed to grab a photo with him.

I love my NVRC peeps... Hard to believe I get paid to craft with so many kewl kids. This summer I have a few events with NVRC. Find them at www.thriftybydesign.ca. Hope to see you there!


Collage Collage and The Jealous Curator awesomeness

Have you heard of The Jealous Curator (aka Danielle Krysa)? Danielle has her own super popular blog, has written numerous books, is a teacher, a public speaker and is a kick butt creative dynamo. So when one of your local crafty powerhouses hosts a coffee and collaging event with The Jealous Curator for $20 - what's a girl to do?! Well I signed up right away!

And it's the perfect event for buying Danielle's latest book, Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk, and getting it signed. Gotta support your peeps!

It was a super FAB Sunday morning event! We finally had a sunny day so the sun was streaming in. The table was set up for about 12 participants - we crafted and made new friends. We had the 3 C's - coffee, cookies and collaging! It was so much fun!

There were vintage books, print outs, patterned paper, etc.

This is the start of my first collage... Everything started with the vintage pic of a shower. Ya never know where your inspiration comes from and where it leads!

And here I am with Danielle... Was so great to connect with her and Erin from Collage Collage. Two lovely peeps making the world a bit brighter with what they do and share.

Huge thanks to Erin from Collage Collage for setting up the event and for Danielle for sharing her awesomeness... And to my new BFFs - I'm so glad I went and got to meet with you. You can never have enough crafty peeps!