Raw Crafts giveaway - stay tuned!

I love surprises! Especially surprises from my lovely publisher, RotoVision Books! Out of the blue, they sent me a couple of additional copies of 'Raw Crafts'. Yay! And that means that 'someone' gets a free copy... One is for the NSG Summit I'll be presenting at (I'll post about this later) and the other copy will be part of a giveaway via my TBD social media channels. Why not! Sharing IS caring and why not continue the free book love!

Stay tuned for details! You could be the one to get a free copy of 'Raw Crafts' and I'll be sure to sign it.


My artist interview with Papergirl YVR

Yay! My interview with Papergirl YVR is up! They posted it on Friday... It's a short and super sweet feature about me, TBD and what drives me as an artist. Papergirl YVR did a great job with the write up and photos. Thanks Julie!

Find it on the Papergirl YVR blog.

Before the blog post was the opening exhibition of VIBE 8 at the Anvil Centre. The exhibition shows all of the donated art that will be part of the 6th annual Papergirl YVR ride. Lots of awesome art to be seen like work by my crafty peep Jenn Ashton...

And Cynthia Frenette...

Loved this piece...

And definitely grooved on this group - CHUMS (Century House Ukelele Musicians and Singers). They sang old hits while strumming on their ukuleles and totally rocked out.

Big thanks to Papergirl YVR for the FAB interview and for a fun event. Find all the artist interviews on their blog at www.papergirlyvr.com/blog.

What's next for Papergirl YVR? Soon it'll be time for them to ride out and gift art! They'll be part of the Pier to Landing event in New Westminster on Sunday, June 19th from 11am to 2pm. Watch for them and maybe you'll be gifted with some kick butt art.


Upcycled burlap herb planter for Homestead Junction

Last weekend I fixed up my burlap hanging herb garden... A couple of more handles and a bit of sprucing up of the herbs. I wanted to make sure it looked A-OK for when I dropped it off at Homestead Junction.

Look at all that healthy greenery... Thyme, rosemary, chives and a couple of trailing tomato plants.

This is one of my FAV DIYs... So easy and looks super awesome! I made a second planter. A bit smaller and I didn't plant anything in it... Just thought I'd give some planter love to HJ.

Here's Cassy with the donated planters... The people at HJ really do rock!

If you haven't checked it out, you can read Rick's DIY on my blog or read my DIY on the Homestead Junction blog. Sharing DIYs with kewl peeps is da bomb!


Kewl peeps doing kewl things: Adea from Billy Would Designs

Welcome to a new feature I'm adding to my blog, Kewl peeps doing kewl things. In my crafting and upcycling travels, I've met some pretty darn awesome makers. Whether it's making nifty stuff out of 'junk' or being part of making community happen, these are a few of the peeps that have inspired me. And I hope they'll inspire you!

First up is Adea Chung, the brains and brawn behind Billy Would Designs.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to pop in and tour Adea's studio. What a treat! She's found an awesome spot in an industrial area of North Vancouver close to Capilano Mall and the auto mall. She shares the space with All Season Home Maintenance and her brother Ian who heads up Frankenstrap Leather.

I've followed Adea for awhile through craft markets and local artisan supporter, Favourite Gifts in Lonsdale Quay. Her work is gorgeous, very distinctive and is a perfect example of upcycling at its finest. She turns reclaimed hardwood into wearable art. Everything from old floorboards to broken skateboard decks.

Adea has a space that fills you with envy. There's space to create, photograph, package and even host craft nights in her comfy abode. Plus they have a huge skateboard ramp. Cause why not!

It's funny to have finally met her in person after following her for years and even being cyber, crafty peeps the last while. It's like we'd been friends for years. Love it when that happens!

Holy smokers... Wooden beads that inspire awesome jewelry or maybe even macrame.

She's a one person crafter, maker, upcycler powerhouse...

And her she is... My new crafty BFF. We're going to partner up for a Crafternoon. I'm doing something a bit different with my upcoming Crafternoons at the North Vancouver City Library - I'm going to invite guest hosts. Local makers and upcyclers who are kicking craft butt and want to help build community. Plus share the joys of crafting with 'crap'. It's a great fit for NVCL and my Neighbourhood Small Grant. Yay!

Find Adea and Billy Would Designs at www.billywould.com. Stay tuned for details on our co-hosted Crafternoon. It's gonna be a super fun afternoon of repurposing 'junk'.


Papergirl YVR art and artist interview

Have you heard of Papergirl YVR? It's a project that aims to bring art and the public together in an exciting and innovative way: by taking art out of the galleries and into the streets. Papergirl YVR is part of a larger global arts movement started by Aisha Ronniger, an art student in Berlin, in 2006. Since 2006, Papergirl has spread worldwide, including projects in Mexico City, San Francisco, Toronto, Wollongong, Manchester and Vancouver.

With their 6th year of this volunteer-driven, pedal-powered project coming up, Papergirl YVR sent out a request for artists to be interviewed. I applied and was asked to be one of their featured artists. Kewl!

Before my interview, I prepped some art to be part of the giveaway. Sharing is caring! That's why I adore Papergirl YVR and how they give art away while promoting a sense of community.

For the art it had to be something small and roll-able... I went with upcycling wallpaper samples into mini cutie patootie paintings. I selected a few samples I thought would work as a base plus could pass for mock frames.

I cut the wallpaper then glued Kraft paper to it to use as my canvas.

Next was adding white craft paint that I could layer other materials onto.

I sketched out my designs. This one was going to be a painting with 'you are BERRY sweet' on it.

First was adding the basic design and figuring out colours and the layout.

Then I added the text and used pencil and watercolour pencils to add some details...

Looking pretty colourful and cute!

Final step was adding the script and a layer of Mod Podge to seal the deal.

Hopefully whoever receives my art likes it! Wallpaper is a lovely medium since the paper is so heavy and yet still roll-able. Perfect!

'ORANGE you great'...

And 'you are my SUNSHINE'...

I hope to make the VIBE 8 opening for the exhibition at the Anvil Centre on Thursday, May 26th from 7pm to 9pm. Drop by to help celebrate the opening of the show plus view this year's artwork, meet and talk with participating Papergirl artists and enjoy live music!

Stay tuned for my interview. It'll be posted on the Papergirl YVR blog on Friday, May 27th. Big thanks to Papergirl YVR for the feature and for just being super duper awesome!